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VIRTUAL APPOINTMENTS - We'll do a video and/or phone conference to figure out what your DREAM homes needs are.

GET A DIGITAL LIST - We'll compile a list of homes for sale that match your criteria and send it to you via email.

VIRTUAL PROPERTY TOUR - Stay comfy in your pajamas while you watch digital video tours of your favorite listings!

OFFERS VIA EMAIL - Fall in love with one? We'll get the offer written up and sent via email.

ELECTRONIC SIGNATURES - Once the offer is accepted, further documents can be reviewed via email and signed electronically.

HOME INSPECTIONS - A professional home inspector will provide a detailed report about the home's condition.

CLOSING DAY - We can arrange for a notary or title agent to meet you at your home to finalize your purchase.




1. Film home walk through or 3D images

2. Advertise Open House on line and register for link.

3. Edit walk through video or create 3D tour.

4. Email Attendee's the link to join you live via Zoom to ask questions on the home

5. Host Open House in 15 minute sections allowing guests to come during open house times and receive a personalized tour of the home.

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